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K-12 Funding Program

Empowering K-12 Education- CalMuni PFA's Funding Program for a Better Future

CA Schools & School Districts

The K-12 Funding Program was created for the purpose of helping schools and school districts achieve cost savings by providing loans to implement durable, cost-effective, equipment and facilities. CalMuni PFA is dedicating our resources to helping school districts prepare students for a better future. In addition to traditional projects, we fund Flexible Learning Spaces, Sustainable Infrastructure, STEM Labs, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) projects, including renewable power, and clean technologies such as microgrids, energy storage and efficiency.

About the K-12 Funding Program

Qualifying Projects

Below is a list of some of the qualifying projects that can be financed with CalMuni:


  • Solar Projects

  • School Buses

  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles

  • EV Infrastructure

  • Air Quality Improvements

  • Microgrids and Energy Storage

  • Playground Improvements

  • Permanent Shade Structures

  • Energy Efficiency Enhancements

  • School Campuses

  • Buildings, Portables, STEM Labs, and other upgrades

Please inquire here to determine if your K-12 project is eligible for funding and is not listed above. 

Funding Options

The proceeds from any subsidy or lending program can be used to finance the construction, acquisition of land, equipment financing, or renovation. Alternative funding methods CalMuni PFA can assist with include:

  • Federal Tax Credits

  • Federal/State Loans

  • Grants

  • General Obligation Bonds

  • Private Activity Bonds

  • Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds

  • Lease Financing

  • & Many More!

CalMuni Advantage

Our G2G (government to government) lending program aims to simplify the application-to-funds process for school districts, reducing the workload and resource requirements for District staff. 

By streamlining tasks related to federal or state funding applications and approvals, as well as overall financing management, the program allows District staff to save time and allocate resources more efficiently. This, in turn, enables school districts to focus on their primary goal of providing quality education to students and preparing them for a better future.

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CalMuni PFA Advantage


Quick Response

We can usually get you an interest rate quote within a week.

Low Interest Rates

For qualifying energy efficiency projects you can obtain financing at as low as ZERO percent interest rate.  

Federal & State Funding 

CalMuni PFA guarantees you the best rates possible and will manage the application processes for federal and state funding sources for qualifying energy efficiency projects. 

Transparent Pricing

We will tell you up front what your financing costs will be, and you can rest assured that there will be no hidden fees.

Simple & Efficient Process

We provide all forms of resolutions, staff reports and financing agreements for easy, quick adoption.

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