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Leverage financing opportunities by joining a pooled-financing with CalMuni PFA

Pooled-Financing for our Members

The purpose of forming CalMuni PFA is to permit entities to pool resources. Pooling resources, coordinating efforts, and eliminating redundant actions or overlapping services can save your agency and taxpayer/ratepayers money. CalMuni PFA issues notices for pooled-financing availabilities quarterly to its members. However, pooled-financing opportunities may be available throughout the year for various types of projects such as water/wastewater infrastructure improvements. 


Save Taxpayer Money

You can save taxpayer money by joining a pooled-financing group with CalMuni PFA for your next project. Pooling resources, coordinating efforts, and eliminating redundant actions or overlapping services can save taxpayer money.

Create Economies of Scale

Bonds are issued by CalMuni PFA in a pooled financing, create economies of scale by creating more favorable bids and rates from third-party providers. 

CalMuni Advantage

The advantages of the pooled-financing program include relieving your need to administer the financing process, financing projects of all sizes (no project too small), the possibility of enhanced credit rating, and fulfilling common objectives without having to obtain voter approval. 

Working Together on Project

CalMuni PFA Advantage

Expert Consultants

Benefit from the availability of expert consultants at no extra cost to you. From the time of an inquiry, you will be paired with localized bond counsel and a municipal advisor for specialized consulting on financing your project needs. 

Finance 100% of project

The Pooled-Financing Program can finance a variety of public projects with a range from $500,000 to $10,000,000 or higher depending on the project needs.

Low Cost of Borrowing

CalMuni PFA and the Pooled-Financing Program provide diversity to investors and economies of scale to its participants which will, in turn, translate into competitive interest rates and lower costs of borrowing.

Joint Resources

Combine your resources with other CalMuni PFA members to save money, share resources and contacts,  obtain the best rates, and coordinate common goals. 

Learn Together

By joining CalMuni PFA members you have the opportunity to learn from their projects and join a financing with multiple members. 

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