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Modern Lending,
Building Communities

California Municipal Public Finance Authority provides easy G2G financing so you can build a better future.

Why Finance with CalMuniPFA?

Commitment to our Members

CalMuni PFA is a G2G (government to government) lender that is fully committed to the financial success of each of our members. We take our fiduciary duty to the next level by acting as an extension of your organization.

Trusted Service

CalMuni PFA provides safe and reliable service to each member. Government serving government. We go above and beyond to mitigate risks to our members and ensure your protection.

Best Economic Terms

CalMuni PFA guarantees to provide the best economic terms in comparison to any other JPA. We perform ample due diligence to get you the best borrowing rate for your specific project.

How CalMuni PFA Works


Member Community


Easy Borrowing


Expert Service

Blue Skies

CalMuni PFA is an agency comprised of government agencies. We exist to provide you the best rates and terms possible. We work with over 50 experienced lenders to ensure best pricing and structure to meet your financing needs. You can borrow 100% of your project costs and keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum.


We can usually get you an interest rate quote within 1-2 days and we will outline your financing costs up front. You can rest assured there will be no hidden fees working with CalMuni PFA. 


Our Financing Programs

CalMuni PFA takes the time required to learn about your financing needs. Our industry-trusted professionals work closely with you to ensure absolute best economic outcomes.

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